Addis Ababa: Inaugurated the Coffee Training Center Ethiopia

The new Coffee Training Center Ethiopia was inaugurated in June 2021 at the Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority. Ethiopia is the cradle of Arabica coffee, which represents a key resource for the country and its economy. The Center is the result of years of collaboration between AICS (Agenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo)  Office […]

The Ernesto Illy Foundation partner of the World Happiness Report for the fifth consecutive year

For the fifth consecutive year, The Ernesto Illy Foundation and ​illycaffè are partner of World Happiness Report,the ranking of the happiest countries in the world, that has faced significant challenges this year in analyzing the effects of the pandemic on the collective and individual well-being. In the year of the pandemic, Finland is still the […]

Sponsorship of the initiative Call For Impactability promoted by 3Bee

The Ernesto Illy Foundation, sharing the philosophy behind the initiative, has agreed to support the Call For Impactability promoted by 3Bee. 3Bee is the agritech startup which makes the development of innovative technologies the cornerstone of protecting the planet. They have recently launched the first edition of a Call for Ideas entitled Call for Impactability (impact + sustainability) in order to involve all the creative minds and collect programs […]

Agreement in support of Scientific Research in the Nutritional Field with Fondazione Italiana Fegato

The Fondazione Italiana Fegato and the Fondazione Ernesto Illy have recently signed a collaboration agreement of mutual support for the promotion and the development of Scientific Research in the Nutritional Field and in food production. The two Foundations, both with headquarters in Trieste and with global missions and objectives, will join forces concentrating mainly on two of their areas of action: research and education. […]

Graduation day: congratulation to the class of 2020!

The dissertations of the tenth edition of the Master in Coffee Economics and Science – Ernesto Illy ended today, October 23rd, 2020. The 25 new graduates of the class of 2020, coming from 15 coffee producing and consuming countries, will join the large community of Alumni of the Master that now counts 206 members.

Winners of the Ernesto Illy Foundation financial aid for the 11th edition of the Master in Coffee Economics and Science Ernesto Illy

After considering more than hundreds of applications, the Ernesto Illy Foundation decided to assign 10 full and 6 partial financial aids to 16 worthy young graduates coming from coffee producing countries. The financial aid will support the graduates to attend the 11th edition of the Master in Coffee Economics and Science – Ernesto Illy. Because of the peculiar global […]

Casa de la Alegría

The Casa de la Alegría project offers a legal and practical solution by offering infant care centers, both from the point of view of health and education, contributing financial support to families and above all, a safe place where children can be looked after while their parents are at work in the coffee fields in Costa Rica.

The story of Ernesto Illy

Ernesto Illy, the coffee scientist Ernesto Illy was a scientist and a businessman. In his company, he always aimed at excellence making research and innovation its strengths. Illy believed that scientific research was a source of truth, progress and human development and he promoted it in ethics, sustainability and the coffee culture area. He was able to advance the company […]

Master in Coffee Economics and Science – Ernesto Illy: Fondazione CRTrieste Scholarship 2019/2020

The Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trieste confirmed the recurrence of the scholarship of EUR 15.000 in favor of a deserving student resident in the province of Trieste, for the attendance and the attainment of the tenth edition of Master in Coffee Economics and Science – Ernesto Illy. The constant commitment on behalf of the Fondazione CRTrieste has been […]

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