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Why the Present Document

On this page you will find the description of the management procedure for the web site in reference, regarding the treatment of the personal data by the users who consult it. The treatment is always based on principals of lawfulness and correctness in accordance with all the normative currently in force (and therefore with respect also to principles of correct lawfulness and transparency and protection of privacy and rights), and with strictly correlated logic to the destined goal.

Personal data subject to treatment are dealt by the Ernesto Illy Foundation, also in consideration of the technological innovations, in such a manner as to reduce to the minimum, by means of timely preventive measures of safety, the risk of their destruction or loss, also accidental, of non-authorized access to data or treatment operations that are illegal or incompatible with the finality for which the data were collected. On the data, only the necessary operations to the pursuit of the aim indicated in such document and in the policy statement varieties are done.

The data will be conserved for a period in accordance with the finality for which they are treated and in accordance to the normative in force. The data can also be organized in computer databases.

This privacy policy is offered as a short policy statement in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 to those who interact with the web services of this site, with the finality of protecting personal data, accessible via data transmission from the URL:

corresponding to the home page of the site.

The policy statement regards only this specific site of the Ernesto Illy Foundation and not for other websites consultable by the user through links. These links are autonomous of the treatment (except in cases regarding the company), please refer to these sites for details.

The privacy policy of this web site is inspired by the official document (Recommendation n. 2/2001) issued by the European authorities for the protection of personal data. These authorities have grouped into a legal entity (art.29 policy n. 95/46/CE) with the purpose of tracing the minimum requisites regulating the capturing of personal data on-line, and, in particular, the methods, times and nature of the information which the owners of the data-handling must give to those accessing their web pages.

The server hosting the website is located at: BRENNERCOM AG/SPA, Via Pacinotti 12, 39100 Bolzano (BZ) Italia.

Apart from the location where the server resides, data will be able to be treated at the Ernesto Illy Foundation and at the locations of the people in charge of data-handling, nominated by the Ernesto Illy Foundation (as well as at possible third parties which data can be communicated in quality of autonomous official holders and that are indicated in such policy or in any other policy statement located in this site).

Type of processed data and processing procedures

Navigation Data

IT systems and software procedures of this website, in the framework of their regular operation, don’t acquire any personal data.


We don’t use cookies to transmit personal information or persistent cookies of any kind or systems for tracking users.

 Personal data provided voluntarily by the user

The optional forwarding, explicit and voluntary, of an e-mail to the e-mail addresses indicated in this website (when only the e-mail address is indicated and there is not a special form. In the case of a special form, please refer to the specific policy statement that regulates the assignments of the various forms), entails on behalf of the Ernesto Illy Foundation the successive acquisition of the necessary e-mail address to answer the requests, as well as of any eventual other personal data included in the e-mail (and the attachments as well). In such case, the provision of the data is optional but missing addresses or any other necessary data to complete the request, will allow the impossibility of not being able to dispatch the same request. With the forwarding of an e-mail, the interested party authorizes the Ernesto Illy Foundation to the treatment of the data to complete the requests.

In case of requests regarding material consignment (not by means of a form. In the case of a special form, please refer to the specific policy statement that regulates the assignments of the various forms), the necessary data for shipping will be communicated by the Ernesto Illy Foundation to the post office or couriers.

The data can be processed by the Ernesto Illy Foundation on paper, manually, with IT and electronic means.

Data Controller

The Data Controller is Ernesto Illy Foundation, via Flavia 110, Trieste (Italy) tel.  +39 040 3890 111, fax +39 040 3890 490, email:


We inform you that the GDPR provides the possibility for the data subject to ask the Data Controller (at the above addresses) to access personal data and to correct or cancel them or limit their processing or to oppose their processing, in addition to exercising the right to data portability, as well as other rights contained in Chapter 3 of the GDPR including the revocation of consent, where provided: the withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on consent given before revocation.


The data subject can always lodge a complaint with the Italian Data Protection Authority, whose references can be found on the website

 Legal basis

The legal basis is provided by the fulfilment of legal obligations (Italian and European laws) as well as the legitimate interests of the Data Controller in the relationship with the user. Furthermore, for the purposes for which consent is provided, the legal basis is the consent itself.

 Purpose of communication and of dissemination of data

To understand the area of communication and diffusion of data, please go through the specific policy statements present in the various sections of this site.

Data will be communicated by Ernesto Illy Foundation according to the request, to the categories listed in the various specific policy statements that it refers to and in this policy privacy. They will always be communicated if necessary to either the bodies of law or to exercise or defend the right of the company to the bodies in charged.

The data may be disclosed on behalf of Ernesto Illy Foundation, each for own role, to all subjects delegated by Ernesto Illy Foundation (IT staff also external to the Foundation, that can also carry out tasks of system administrators, staff responsible of the area that regards the aim of the request, website management staff also external to the Foundation, public relations staff, consultants) and to Data Processors (such as IT outsourcers and website management companies, companies that offer various services for the management of the Foundation and, more generally, companies that carry out activities instrumental to those of the Foundation, such as consulting companies).

Option to provide data and processing procedures

For complete information, we invite you to read all the sections of this policy privacy.

Privacy policy updated to 10 June 2021. Updates are implemented in the framework of a policy on a steady review of privacy policy and they will be loaded on this page. Previous versions of privacy policies may be obtained writing to Data Controller.

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