Virtuous Agriculture

A research and scientific training project that combines sustainable agriculture with a focus, in part, on the regeneration of the environment by enriching soil with organic carbon.

  • The idea on which Virtuous Agriculture (VA) is based is of a double benefit: for the environment and for human health. For the environment through carbon sequestration and reduction of contaminants, for human health through natural nutritional products that are beneficial to non-communicable diseases.
  • The double benefit strategy creates a virtuous circle driven by positive feedback and rewards for growers and communities.

The VA food system must be organized in such a way as to guarantee:

  • Diffusion of agronomic practices that make it possible to seize carbon and reduce contaminants to a minimum;
  • An informative system at the service of scientific research and product traceability;
  • The promotion of dietary changes and transparent information to consumers.

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