Agreement between Fondazione Ernesto Illy and Fondazione Italiana Fegato

The Fondazione Italiana Fegato and The Fondazione Ernesto Illy signed a collaboration agreement of mutual support for the promotion and the development of Scientific Research in the Nutritional Field and in food production.

The two Foundations, both with headquarters in Trieste and with global missions and objectives, will join forces concentrating mainly on two of their areas of action: research and education.

The Fondazione Italiana Fegato ONLUS (FIF) is a research institution, recognized by MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education), specialized in the study of hepatic disease and related pathologies.

Founded in 2008, its main purposes are Scientific Research, clinic activity and the education of researchers and medical staff in the hepatic disease field. In its scientific activity, the FIF collaborates with different organization worldwide, from Mexico to Indonesia, from Argentina to United States. With these countries, the FIF maintains an active collaboration and a continuous exchange of young researchers and scientists that come to the Foundation to increase their experience and to share their knowledge.

From its creation in 2008 to today, the FIF hosted more than 100 international scientists coming from over 20 countries. The extensive network with scientific institutions and international Universities, built during these years, underline the FIF’s international value in the educational and scientific fields, allowing the Foundation to spread into the world the values on which its based on.

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