Regenerative Society Foundaton and the program Regeneration 20|30

The Regenerative Society Foundation is a non-profit organization, incorporated in Italy as a ‘fondazione di partecipazione‘ (participatory foundation), including international founders and board members, engaged in promoting the transformation of society towards a regenerative socio-economic model. The foundation counts on a unique multilateral coalition of global leaders from all paths and regions, made of entrepreneurs, policymakers, academics, spiritual leaders, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and the civil society, which represents one of its strengths and uniqueness.

Created in September 2020, just before the launch of the program Regeneration 20|30 (held in Parma, the Italian Capital of Culture 2020-21, October 15th-16th 2020), the Foundation is co-chaired by Andrea Illy and Jeffrey D. Sachs. The Ernesto Illy Foundation is one of the founders along with Sustainable Development Solutions Network Nazioni United Nations, Davines Group, Chiesi Group, Banca Mediolanum and Flowe, Mutti SpA, from the B Corp system and the Foundation for Sustainable Development, in anticipation of co-opting others. The coalition also counts on important institutional partners, such as the Centre for Bhutan Studies; Pontifical Academy of Social Science; UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization); ASVIS; the Wellbeing Research Centre di Oxford University the Center for Sustainable Development of Columbia University.

At the core of the Foundation and its program there is the Regenerative Economy modelagainst Climate Change and based on the pursuit of individual and collective Happiness and Welfare. A pledge was built on these, which all participants are required to share and subscribe to, and which represents the starting point for subsequent evaluation, measurement and support in achieving the objectives of the pledge itself. The mission of the Regenerative Society Foundation is to promote the transition to a regenerative socio-economic model, meant as a paradigm shift towards bio-driven sustainability. Its macro-objective is to develop and institutionalize a regenerative economy. The strategy consists in involving a large multi-stakeholder coalition, promoting the regenerative projects of the founders, the first ambassadors of the new model.

The activities of the Regenerative Society Foundation include the spread of knowledge and research, to address public and private funds to support regenerative projects, to promote the education of the private sector and of citizens on the regenerative economy topic. In the first phase of its creation, the Foundation is focused on defining the sectorial roadmap and on implementing the measurement tools of regenerative projects and activities.

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