Casa de la Alegría

Every year during the Costa Rican coffee harvest, over 15,000 Panamanians from the Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous tribes cross the border to work as coffee pickers. For cultural reasons and for security reasons, children accompany their parents during work activities on coffee plantations.

The Casa de la Alegría project offers a legal and practical solution to this problem by offering infant care centers, both from the point of view of health and education, contributing financial support to families and above all, a safe place where the children can be looked after while their parents are at work.

Since education is an important aspect of the project, as well as a fundamental pillar of the Ernesto Illy Foundation and of illycaffè’s approach to sustainability, the financial contribution of the Ernesto Illy Foundation was dedicated to the training and hiring of teachers, who take care of the educational program of the “casa” (1 teacher for 4 “casas”) during the harvest season, educational material and food for the houses.

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