Elis School 4 Life 2.0

School4Life is based on the collaboration between companies and schools (over 600 organizations currently involved in Italy) and provides guidance activities aimed at young people at risk of dropping out, as well as initiatives to support families and teachers. The two-year project aims to involve a total of 15,000 students throughout the country, with particular attention to the regions where the phenomenon is most widespread.

The objective of the project is to fight against early dropout rates and promote the education quality starting from the most fragile areas, promoting the orientation of the youngest towards the professions of the future and to STEM, the development of a learning environment based on the Learning by doing principle and stimulating the students’ comprehension and consciousness about SDGs-Agenda ONU 2030.

The School4Life project co-ordinated by Elis, a non-profit training center, includes, apart from Fondazione Ernesto Illy and illycaffè, Ansaldo Energia, Banco Bpm, Enel, Eni, Fincantieri, Intesa Sanpaolo, Leonardo, Poste Italiane, UniCredit e Fondazione Snam.

The Fondazione Ernesto Illy together with illycaffè join the project in the didactical area by providing Corporate Professionals for activities in four secondary schools (3 in the Trieste province and 1 in the Catania province) and two high schools (1 in the Campobasso province and 1 in the Messina province).

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